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Workplace Safety for Today and Tomorrow: A Conversation with Industry Leaders

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Corporations, businesses, and facilities are reopening their doors and ramping up for employees to return to in-person work. But to do so safely, they must have the best possible protocols and technology in place to protect the health and safety of all those in their buildings.

Watch this recorded webinar for a moderated discussion on preparing and responding to coronavirus protection measures with Rod Wheeler, Founder and CEO of the Global Food Defense Institute, Jeanna Madlener, Vice President, Property and Casualty at Woodruff Sawyer, Stephen Glazier, Vice President, Casualty Loss Control Specialist at Woodruff Sawyer, and Nelson Lins, Chief Operating Officer at Raptor Technologies. Topics covered will include:

  • Elements needed to develop a crisis/pandemic response plan
  • The impact infection control and contact tracing policies and procedures will have on facilities going forward
  • Key liability and insurance considerations for facility owners and managers
  • Best practices for conducting a site health assessment to determine critical areas that should be considered for expanded safety measures

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