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Enhance your facilities’ safety policies in response to COVID-19

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A critical component of your security plan is knowing who is in your facility and where they have been. This is especially important in response to the coronavirus pandemic to protect all those in your buildings.

The Global Food Defense Institute (GFDI) has created a crisis plan addendum to assist corporations as they plan to reopen and reoccupy their facilities. Watch our on demand webinar and hear from Rod Wheeler, Founder and CEO of GFDI, to learn:

  • Key considerations for developing a pandemic response plan
  • Practical strategies for mitigating the spread of the virus in your workplace
  • Best practices for visitor, contractor, and temporary worker management

Whether you are a LobbyGuard client or simply wanting to learn more about enhancing your facilities' safety polices during COVID-19, please feel free to watch our on demand webinar.

About Our Speaker

Rod Wheeler is the Founder and CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute, the only global firm that focuses solely on Food Defense, Intentional Adulteration, education, tampering investigations and intelligence. He is well known for his series of Homeland Security & Defense programs that support food processing, manufacturing and retail corporations in developing and implementing food safety and security plans, procedures, guidelines, and food tampering investigations.

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