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Reopening and Reoccupying the Workplace - The Crucial Role of Visitor Management

As workplaces of all kinds start to reopen and reoccupy, they will need to have the best possible protocols and technology in place to adequately screen visitors for COVID-19 exposure and facilitate contact tracing to protect the health and safety of all those in their buildings.

Download this eBook to discover why automated visitor management systems have emerged as absolutely essential for companies to safeguard their employees and workplaces from this new unseen and potentially deadly threat, as well as to facilitate contact tracing when positive cases are identified. Topics covered include:

  • Recommended modifications for your entry policies
  • A step-by-step visitor entry-protocol including pre-screening visitors for COVID-19 exposure and retaining entry records for the purpose of contact tracing
  • Suggested procedures to augment your workforce management systems to ensure employees and contractors are screened and approved for entry each day they report to work

Whether you are a LobbyGuard client or simply wanting to learn more about the crucial role of visitor management in reopening and reoccupying the workplace, download this free eBook.

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