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COVID-19 and Visitor Procedures

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At LobbyGuard, we build solutions to increase building security. As a committed partner to our clients, we are here to support you in minimizing the exposure of COVID-19 to all those in your facilities – whether staff, patients, or visitors.

LobbyGuard handles over 1,000,000 visitor sign-ins each week at corporate, government, and medical facilities worldwide.

Some of the procedures that we are seeing in our clients’ buildings across the country include:

  • Informing visitors that they should avoid coming to the building or facility unless absolutely necessary.
  • Requesting that all visitors use hand sanitizer immediately upon entry.
  • Asking all school visitors whether they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, are displaying symptoms such as a fever or dry cough, or have been diagnosed themselves. An information field within the LobbyGuard system can be customized to accomplish this—we will explain how in the recorded webinar.

Whether you’re a LobbyGuard customer or you are someone interested in providing a safer environment for your visitors and staff, please feel free to view this webinar on demand for a discussion with our President, Kevin Allen, about COVID-19 preparation and response for businesses and healthcare facilities.

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